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India claims to have caught Pakistani spy pigeon again

India claims to have caught Pakistani spy pigeon again

India claims to have caught Pakistani spy pigeon again.

According to India's official news agency Press Trust of India, a pigeon has been caught in the border area of ​​Kathua district of Indian-Occupied Kashmir, which is suspected to have been specially trained by Pakistan for espionage.

This is not the first time such an incident has come to light by the Indian authorities. Earlier, security officials in the states of Punjab and Rajasthan had also caught pigeons coming from Pakistan as alleged spy pigeons.

Earlier, in February 2017, India claimed to have caught an alleged spy pigeon that flew from the police station.

As soon as this news came on the Indian media, social media users got a new opportunity to make memes and make fun of India during the Eid holidays.

'Pigeon' has become a top trend on social media, especially on Twitter, and a series of funny comments and memes from users have started.

Pakistan's Federal Minister for Science and Technology also contributed to this trend by writing, "I am unable to understand whether the Indian media is really stupid or makes excuses for stupidity.

American comedian Jeremy McClean's comments on the spy pigeon are not to be taken lightly.

He shared a dove and a video of himself singing to the tune of the national anthem and tweeted that today, on the occasion of our Memorial Day, we pay tribute to all the heroes (pigeons) who sacrificed their lives for freedom. ۔

The American comedian, who is leading the troll in India, wrote in another tweet that the pigeon caught in India was an agent of mine.

Australian journalist Dennis Friedman also responded by saying, "All my prayers are with this pigeon."

One user shared a funny picture and wrote that I am a brave pigeon, catch it if you can.

"In the age of Indian drones, pigeons will continue to be caught," said one user

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