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Fines for violating Coronavirus measures in UAE

Fines for violating Coronavirus measures in UAE
Offenders could face up to six months in jail and/or a minimum fine of Dh100,000

Fines for violating Coronavirus measures in UAE

An updated list of fines and penalties for violating Coronavirus (Covid-19) precautionary measures announced last month remains in force across the UAE, a top official warned on Saturday. This came as authorities observed an increase in the number of violations after the night-time movement restrictions were lifted.

Salem Al Zaabi, acting chief of prosecution of the Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee at the Federal Public Prosecution, said: "The fine will be doubled for those found repeating the violation. Third-time offenders could face up to six months in jail and/or a minimum fine of Dh100,000."

For individuals, families, communities

1. Hosting gatherings and inviting people over: Dh10,000
2. Attending a gathering as a guest: Dh5,000
3. Having more than three passengers in a vehicle: Dh3,000
4. Private tutors violating rules: Dh30,000 (and Dh20,000 for whoever hosts the tutor)
5. Failure to maintain social distancing at work or other places like shops and restaurants: Dh3,000 per person involved, Dh5,000 for institutions

At the workplace

1. Not wearing masks at work, offices: Dh5,000 for the company, Dh500 for the employee

On Coronavirus (Covid-19) screenings

1. Failure to comply with home quarantine rules: Dh50,000
2. Failure to download the smart app for tracking and failure to carry smartphones (for those who tested positive for Coronavirus): 
3. Tampering with the tracking device or app installed by authorities: Dh20,000
4. Refusing to do a Coronavirus test: Dh5,000

Coronavirus: UAE urges public to follow safety guidelines as 387 new cases reported

UAE has total of 47,797 cases of Coronavirus as of today 29th, June 2020  with 313 deaths and 36,411 recoveries

UAE authorities urged the public to continue to follow Coronavirus (Covid-19) safety guidelines after the end of the National Disinfection Programme.

Salem Al Zaabi, acting director of Federal Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution, said the list of offences and fines remain in force.

“Following the completion of the National Disinfection Programme, unfortunately we noticed a significant increase in the number of offences in our community, which is a sign of some being reckless,” Mr Al Zaabi said.

“We urge the public to comply with the instructions issued by the health and security authorities and to follow social distancing guidelines. Offenders will be subject to legal action as per UAE law.”

He reminded the public to continue to avoid social gatherings and family visits.

All are supposed to wear face masks in public places, when leaving home or when using public transport.

Earlier: No coronavirus cases, announces The Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital, SKSH in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Dr. Chang Suk Suh, CEO of the hospital, stated that this was the result of the significant national efforts carried out since the start of the crisis, as well as the constant monitoring by the UAE's leadership and its strategy to support the national testing programme and promote preventive measures, leading to the early detection of cases, adoption of treatment protocols and increased recoveries.

Dr. Chang also praised the role of relevant national authorities, volunteers and medical teams in addressing the crisis, noting that since the World Health Organisation, WHO, declared the virus a global pandemic, the hospital has adopted the required preventive measures to protect patients, visitors, medical staff and workers.

The hospital now has no Coronavirus cases and is ready to welcome patients, he added.

Worldwide: One million new Coronavirus infections were recorded in only six days, just as countries start to unwind punishing lockdowns.

Global deaths from the novel Coronavirus crossed 500,000 and infections topped 10 million as the rate of new cases surges, particularly in the United States and Latin America, according to a tally on Sunday.

One million new infections were recorded in only six days, just as countries start to unwind punishing lockdowns. According to, over 10,169,670 infections were recorded as at Sunday while deaths touched 502,800.

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